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So, today I did some shopping. Christmas shopping. I got my best friend a bracelet, and had engraved a customized message about our friendship in it. She likes name brand things, big and bold. A very typical American. Possibly, even a bit narcissistic. Sometimes I wonder, does she even value our friendship itself, or is it merely taken and perceived simply as an accessory? Does it even matter that this gift, with meaning, was meant for her... given by her "best friend?" I wonder if these are just really only more empty human words. I sometimes worry about it; but I tend to brush it off. To be honest, anyone--no matter their behavior--who remains loyal for as long as she has, can do whatever they want... It's okay with me, because in the end, at least I feel like there's something, although small, worth from it.
I just hope I don't feel too disappointed by such an immaturity that she has yet to outgrow. I'm really hoping she'd look past her materialistic outlook, because there truly is more than meets the eye. At the very least, for her own sake...

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